Ewen Cheslack-Postava me@ewencp.org @ewencp


These are the major projects I've worked on.

Libraries & Code

These are smaller short-term projects or code libraries I've developed and maintain.

  • berkelium - Chromium rendered offscreen, for embedding browsers in GL/DX applications [ home | code ]
  • liboauthcpp - A pure C++ library for performing OAuth requests [ code ]
  • json-spirit - C++ JSON library using Boost Spirit for parsing: dead simple JSON parsing and serialization for C++ applications [ code ]
  • sltrace - library for collecting traces of Second Life (objects, movement), including coordinating many simultaneous bots for a full trace of a large area [ code ]
  • link-wrapper-stats - analysis of multiple redirecting link shorteners in Tweets [ code ]
  • sgrep - grep with smart filtering specified in .sgrep configuration files, making grepping your project nice by keeping crap binaries, build byproducts, and third party projects out of your grep results [ code ]
  • pyhashxx - wrapper of xxHash, an extremely fast, high quality non-cryptographic hash function [ code | pypi ]